Kitofuyu Inc.


About production

At first

This page describes the production period, fees, contact details, etc. While it is not strict and can be adjusted, please refer to it before contacting us.

Our offer

Content / period

The main contents and periods can be found below. Depending on the project and situation, lengths and tools can be changed. For inquiries where faster times are needed, additional fees apply. For prices, please refer to this page.

Websites updates
from 5 business days to 1 month
Base coding
from 1 month
CMS template creation(Wordpress, etc.)
from 1,5 month
creation of EC site(BASE、Shopify etc、ASP)
2 months or more
  • We have experience in supporting accessibility with “WCAG 2.0 Level AA”

How to offer

For inquiries, please contact us by email:
Please provide as much as possible of the information below:
※ The mail address can be copied by clicking on the link.

  • Name
  • Inquiry details
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • other comments or information

※ We reply within 3 business days.


The updates of created websites can be performed at any time. Please contact us for the information about fees, periods, etc.


This is an estimated list. After contacting us about your request, we will give you an exact price.

Coding(around 3 pages)
Coding(5 to 10 pages)
Coding(10 pages and more)
Creating CMS(Wordpress, etc.)
Creating EC site(BASE, Shopify and similar, ASP)


Production is possible in periods marked with “available” mark.
Meetings and consultations are possible regardless of the availability.
Feel free to contact us about maintenance or updates at any time.


We are not accepting new requests for 2024.

About the production process

Production flow

The production process usually looks as follows.
※It is not a strict workflow schedule and is adjusted accordingly.

  • Meetings (once or twice)
  • Defining requiment
  • Submission of the design and coding
  • Quality tests of the coding / corrections
  • Publishing
  • We respond to revisions and requirements along the way.

How to contact us

Please contact us by email, although we also use Slack and Facebook messenger. Invite us if necessary. Both online and offline meetings are possible.

Business hours

Our business hours are from 10AM to 6PM(JST). Please contact us regarding any urgent matters outside these or publishing websites.
From 11AM to 3PM we respond quickly, as other times are reserved for coding and other work.
We reply to inquiries within 1 business day.

At last


We want to keep space for curiosity, as well as make sure we can always oversee all the details of our work - therefore our focus is keeping the company last, not getting overly big. In order to work well and safely, it is important to us to keep healthy professional relations with our clients.
These days, being fair takes a lot of effort and this is why we created this page. We aim for maximum efficiency and focus on our work, which we’re aware takes a lot of time. Another important thing is to be soft rather than strict or tense. To us, honesty is necessary to do good work and that formality can be a barrier for good ideas. As technicians, we want to recognize ignorance and need for change, as well as always be honest.
There is always so much to learn and we want to constantly get better by trying new things and learning from mistakes.
We look forward to working with you.

Last updated: 1st of December, 2022