Kitofuyu Inc.

A small web design company;



“Background for reading”

Together with an artist working mainly in Europe, we have created music and bookmarks for reading. The bookmark has a QR code, which can be read to listen to the music on a dedicated website. Available in our online store

We have created instagram account.

We will be updating it regularly with announcements on our Instargam!

About Kitofuyu Inc.

Kitofuyu Inc. is a company specializing in web design and coding started by Shinya Fujiwara an engineer with ten years of experience in the industry. We are a small team, so while we may not be able to run huge projects, speed and flexibility are our strengths.

At Kitofuyu Inc, we believe in being kind. Communication can be a difficult task when talking about budget, project requirements or schedule. We do our best to interact gently in order to create a comfortable and safe working environment.

Coding is also designing. The final website is always a mixture of these two integral parts and we are passionate about the idea of their mutual influence.

What we do

We are good at:

  • HTML/CSS/Coding that respects the design in HTML/CSS/Javascript;
  • Coding for various browsers;
  • Preparing Wordpress templates;
  • Preparing e-commerce sites using Shopify and various ASP services
  • Design and coding of environmentally friendly, lightweight websites

What we have done

During ten years of freelance work, more than a hundred projects have been finished. For samples, please contact us.

Our concept


We understand a website as a place where one’s thoughts and words can be accessed by anybody 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To us, creating a website is all about making these written words glow on the Internet, so they can become just like the glimmering of a distant village.

We follow the concept of “Communicating information emotionally with simple coding”, which allows the content to be the main, most important factor, while simple and clear coding means human touch and presence in the digital realm. The human and emotional is where the message is born and at Kitofuyu Inc. we are constantly trying to focus on that message.


The engineer might not always be in the position to discuss concepts. Still, we want to do our best within the world of the given project and express its goals fully, seeing ourselves as a vessel for the client and designer’s intentions.

We run careful performance checks for our websites so they can be viewed without stress - for example too long loading times of heavy content. Our biggest goal is reducing the CPU usage of our websites. These are things that might not be visible from the outside, but we believe that such details are important for the overall quality of our websites.


The world keeps getting more and more complicated. The idea of a minimalist lifestyle with reduced amount of received information and overly stimulating digital factors, such as notification alarms, have recently gained popularity. People feel the constant need of pushing things and information away from their lives. The job of making websites is one of increasing the amount of information in the world. If we notice that we are asked to spread information that can have a harmful impact on society, we may not accept such work.

Just like in design little mistakes can ruin a project, even a small misunderstanding or wrong information can have a tremendous effect on individuals and societies.

We want to be aware of our role in the society and our part in the delivery of information and invite everybody to consider their own roles.


Websites, because of their freedom in the form and possibility to be anything, oscillate between being a tool for expression and for advertisement. To us, it does not matter what type of website we agree on, as long as the content does not hurt anybody anywhere.

Kitofuyu Inc. keeps actively thinking about what role the websites should have in the society of human beings - to put it in an exaggerated way, it is an attempt to reweave the relationship between humans and technology in accordance with constant social changes.

For example, you might aim for a website that shares information, or perhaps one that conveys your thoughts with minimal coding. Another way could be making a website that limits the energy usage or protects the viewer from feeling discriminated or triggered.

Conditions and environments keep changing. We want to detect those changes just like a weathercock and incorporate the discoveries into our coding.


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※ We reply within 3 business days.
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Company details

Name Kitofuyu Inc.
Started 7th of December, 2021
Owner Shinya Fujiwara
Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Business hours 10:00~18:00 (JST)